merge README

By: Jeremy Buchmann

merge is a Perl script that merges Netscape, Mozilla and Internet Explorer bookmark files. Note that only certain versions of IE use bookmark files.

Obtaining merge

merge is hosted on The Web page is

What merge Does

What merge Doesn't Do Now, But May Do Later


> merge -m[NS,MO,IE] master-file -s[NS,MO,IE] slave-file

Any combination of bookmark files is okay. The output type will be the same as the master type. Only URLs are compared; if they match, only the master copy is kept. The directory structure is kept intact. The resulting bookmarkfile is printed to stdout, so you'll want to redirect it to a file.

For example:

> merge -mNS bookmarks.html -sIE Favorites.html > newbookmarks.html

would merge a master Netscape file called "bookmarks.html" with a slave IE file called "Favorites.html" and write the merged file to "newbookmarks.html".

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merge uses the GPL. Please see the License.txt file that should have come with this package or: for a copy of the license.


Feedback should be sent to I am mostly interested in bugs/platform issues, but any improvements or new features will be welcomed.